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Ordained Minister

Upon completion of this program participants will demonstrate an understanding of Metaphysical Theology and Universal laws with the knowledge that learning in these areas is continual. The course provides participants with a greater understanding of metaphysical meanings of the bible to prepare them to go forth as educated ministers in this age. Students will better understand spiritual healing and wholeness and the  ethical principles of spiritual guidance. Candidates will be aware of the commonalities in all major world religions. The Pastoral Care Module will help students learn  to effectively meet the spiritual needs of persons who are ill. This module also provides guidelines for performing ceremony such as  baptism, marriage and funeral services. 

This is a self study program. All work must be completed within 24 months. All written tests and essays must be submitted for receipt of certificate. An annual Ordained Minister assessment fee is required after ordination to maintain association with Metaphysical Universal Ministries.

The Ordained MUM Minister is a 40-unit course

0 Unit Introduction to MUM Module
20 Units Ordained Minister Metaphysical Theology Module
2 Units Chakra Module
4 Units Healing Module  includes 30 hours of documented hands on healing practicum; selected healing book or DVD, Student is required to complete a Reiki class, Quantum-Touch class or equivalent healing class/certification which is approved by the MUM education committee.  The cost of this certification is the responsibility of the student.
2 Units Metaphysics Module
2 Units Religions of the World Module
2 Units Universal laws Module
4 Units Pastoral Care Module with Code of Ethics and Principles
4 Units Electives (2) Chosen by the student electives

Book/Workbook/CD/DVD Requirements for Ordained Minister:

Introduction to MUM Module by Pastor Lloyd Moll and Rev. Karen Kohler

Provides a brief history and explanation of MUM and the Learning Center.

Jerusalem Bible

This is not included in cost of tuition This book will be used during your studies and throughout your ministry.

Aquarian Gospel of Jesus The Christ by Levi With Bible References by Metaphysical Universal Ministries Rev. Nancy

This book is a great source of  information on the Aquarian Gospel, made simpler because the Bible verses are provided to compare the Aquarian Gospel to the Bible. 

This book is used in conjunction with the “Ordained Minister Metaphysical Theology” Module.

Theology Module

Ordained Minister Metaphysical Theology Module by Metaphysical Universal Ministries Rev. Nancy Althouse

It is filled with valuable information on Theology and the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ with Bible References. 

It prepares the Ordained Minister to go forth as an educated minister in this age providing the knowledge needed when speaking with people from various religions.

The student aspiring ordination will complete this module before moving on to other Learning Center modules. 

Instructions on how to use this Theology Module are located in the front of the workbook.  Tests on each chapter are located at the end of the workbook.

Rev. Nancy Althouse will answer all your questions pertaining to this module.

Healing Module

The Healing Energy of Your Hands by Michael Bradford

This is an awesome book on understanding energy, sensing energy and understanding healing.  Michael has many successful techniques. These advanced skills and tools are for healing the body, mind, and spirit.

After completion of this book, please provide a 500 word essay on what you read and perceive from this book.

Requirements also include 30 hours of documented hands-on-healing practicum using the provided healing reference form.

The student is also required to complete one of the following healing courses or equivalent healing class/certification.  Student is responsible for the cost of the healing class such as Reiki Class; Quantum Touch Class

Chakra Power

DVD Course by Rev. Isabelle

This course provides 12 weeks of education and knowledge with hands on practice.  It is an excellent source of information on purifying, healing, and understanding the 12-Chakra System.  Many students have experienced healing as they studied each chakra; completed the associated Mandala and meditations. 

Instructions on how to use this module are located in the beginning of the workbook.  Associated tests are provided after each chakra in the workbook.

Rev. Isabelle Moll will answer all your questions pertaining to this module.

Metaphysics Module

Cosmic Map Metaphysics Demystified by Grandma Janis

This book provides a brilliant explanation of Metaphysics and a remarriage of Eastern and Western thought including never before published experiences.  It is for the student, the seeker, those who moved away from God, and those wanting integration and direction.

After completion, please provide a 500 word essay on what you read and perceive from this book.

Philosophy Module

The Religion Book: Places, Prophets, Saints and Seers by Jim Willis

Provides a greater understanding of religion, the role in people’s lives, and a detailed understanding of the religions and how to interpret them.

After completion, please provide a 500 word essay on what you read and perceive from this book.

Universal Laws Module

Universal Laws Your Life  And What You Can Do About It by Bruce McArthur

This book offers the best understanding of the Universal Laws in simple language that everyone can comprehend. It is a necessary “must have” for everyone in the spiritual field who wants to discover the mystery of God’s Laws, Universal Laws, Spiritual Laws, Laws of the Mind, Law of Creation…just to name a few. 

After completion, please provide a 500 word essay on what you read and perceive from this book.

The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary by June G. Bletzer

This book is used throughout your education and ministry.  It is an excellent reference book.

Pastoral Care Module and DVD

by Metaphysical Universal Ministries Rev. Isabelle Moll

This module covers numerous aspects of pastoral care for the Ordained Minister, including an explanation of the MUM Logo, Creed, Principles, Code of Ethics, Motivation, Spiritual approach to Bedside and Hospitals, Spiritual Needs of Patients and End of Life, Death & Dying, Church Lectures, Communion, Marriage and Baptism Services, and Funerals and Memorial Services.
After you have completed the entire module, complete the exams on Pastoral Care and the MUM Principles/Code of Ethics
Rev. Isabelle Moll will answer all your questions pertaining to this module


Books Associated with (2) Two Electives

Electives are chosen by the student
After completion please provide a 500 word essay on what you have read and perceived from these books, unless otherwise indicated on the individual elective instructions. 

See below for the Ordained Minister Electives.



Ascended Masters

The student will research Ascended Masters and write an essay of a minimum of 500 words on six (6) Masters who you feel drawn to/resonate with you.                        


Adventure In Meditation   Volume 1 by Carol Parrish-Harra, Ph.D.

This meditation book takes a distinctive approach with techniques from a great mystic, teacher, and spiritual being. She will guide you into the transformation of understanding yourself.  Her methods are unique.  The guidance teaches you to gently open the door through meditation and move into the light.

After completion, please provide a 500 word essay on what you read and perceive from this book.


Numerology: Key To Your Inner Self   Guide To Understanding And Using Your Numbers of Destiny by Hans Decoz and Tom Monte

This book is brilliantly written with wisdom, a basic understanding of self, and an easy application for doing your own numerology.

After completion, please provide a 500 word essay on what you read and perceive from this book.

Psychic Development

Psychic Integrity by Rev. Melissa Leath

Rev. Leath takes an often misunderstood and infamous subject and brings it into the NOW with sensible words, forthright honesty and wisdom.  Integrity is the key.  A book of wisdom for all who desire to develop their medium-ship.

After completion, please provide a 500 word essay on what you read and perceive from this book.

Sermon On The Mount

Sermon On The Mount by Dr. Emmett Fox

This book offers a practical guideline to people of all faiths, who seek to bring health, happiness, and true prosperity into their lives

After completion, please provide a 500 word essay on what you read and perceive from this book.

World Religions

The World’s Religions by Huston Smith

This is the most famous book for world religions. Huston Smith devoted his entire life studying all major religions. This is his passion that he has shared with everyone. Most colleges have accepted this book in their classrooms.

After completion, please provide a 500 word essay on what you read and perceive from this book.

The Costs Associated with Ordained Minister:

  • $100 Application fee application (Word Document)
  • $1,900 Tuition - $45 per unit - includes associated books, DVDs and CDs except for Jerusalem Bible
    • $2,100 if payment made in installments. Initial payment of $600 with monthly payments of $250 per month for 6 months.

  • NOTE: The annual Ordained Minister Assessment fee is $75 after being ordained as a Minister of MUM
  • Replacement fees:
    • Replacement fee for minister of healing or ordained minister certificates - $20
    • Replacement of Minister's Manual - $35
MUM is a Spiritual Institution operating in compliance with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Education. MUM does not award college credits or confer degrees.

Metaphysical Universal Ministry LogoMUM's Mission Statement

To teach, demonstrate and promote Metaphysical and Spiritual Laws, both at home and throughout the world. To create an atmosphere of understanding and tolerance for all Religious beliefs and forms of worship, seeking the Light of Creation, while fully recognizing we are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of the God Force.