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 Metaphysical Universal Ministries
Allentown, Pennsylvania


Ordination Through Reciprocity

MUM will accept credits earned for classes taken through other institutions and life experiences towards granting certification for minister of healing and ordination of Ordained Minister.

Applicants must complete the application for acceptance through Reciprocity and return it with the application fee.

Once the MUM Board of Directors reviews your application you will receive notification of acceptance and will be notified of additional classes and costs which may be necessary depending on your credentials and class information.

All applicants are required to complete the Introduction to MUM Module

Costs Associated with Reciprocity:


  • Minister of Healing
    • $150 application fee word document
    • $00 Introduction to MUM
    • $10 MUM Code of Ethics and Principles Module
    • $20 MUM Healing Module
    • $24.95 Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ with Bible References book
  • Ordained Minister
    • $250 application fee word document
    • $20 MUM Healing Module
    • $40 MUM Pastoral Care Module, includes Code of Ethics and Principles
    • $24.95 Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ with Bible References book

  • NOTE: There may be additional costs if MUM requires additional units to meet education requirements. This will be determined after MUM reviews your application for Reciprocity.
  • Replacement fees:
    • Replacement fee for minister of healing or ordained minister certificates - $20
    • Replacement of Minister's Manual - $35


Metaphysical Universal Ministry LogoMUM's Mission Statement

To teach, demonstrate and promote Metaphysical and Spiritual Laws, both at home and throughout the world. To create an atmosphere of understanding and tolerance for all Religious beliefs and forms of worship, seeking the Light of Creation, while fully recognizing we are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of the God Force.