Metaphysical Learning Center

 Metaphysical Universal Ministries
Allentown, Pennsylvania


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How Long has MUM been in existence?
A: MUM was incorporated on July 31 1990

Q: How Can I become a part of MUM?
A: Submit an application to MUM. After acceptance complete distant learning courses may be obtained via mail or internet.

Q: Is there a way I can participate in MUM without being a part of the school?
A: MUM is a ministry for Ordained Ministers, Ministers of Healing and Licentiates who are training for these beautiful spiritual services. Everyone is welcome to take the MUM classes to support his or her own spiritual growth.

Q: What is the MUM Learning Center?
A: The MUM Learning Center is our educational program. The MUM educational programs will prepare you for the highest understanding of both Metaphysical Law and Spiritual Law.

While our MUM educational programs are intended for those who wish to attain the position of Minister of Healing and/or Ordained Minister of MUM, the distant learning courses obtained via mail or the internet are open to anyone interested in furthering their knowledge and education. The information is an invaluable tool for spiritual growth and understanding.

Q: What type of Courses does MUM offer?
A: Our courses are offered as distant learning courses obtained via mail or the internet.

MUM has a national and an expanding international audience so we have developed excellent correspondence classes.

Courses are on three levels:

  • Spiritual Awareness
  • Minister of Healing
  • Ordained Minister

MUM has written its own workbooks for each course. Courses are offered in modules

Our primary references are The Bible and The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ. Our classes explore World Religions, Metaphysics, Philosophy, Metaphysical Theology and Healing Modalities. Students increase their knowledge of Universal and Spiritual Truths on all three levels of courses. Students whose intention is full ordination are prepared for the ministry having the ability to teach, perform hands on healing, officiate weddings and baptisms, and to perform funeral services.

Q: Is MUM a degreed Learning Center?
A: MUM offers certificates of completion for those taking the Spiritual Awareness classes. MUM does not convey degrees. MUM is a nationwide spiritual organization with its offices located in Allentown PA. It operates in compliance with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Department of Education.

A legal Certificate of Ordination is earned by the Ordained Minister.

Q:What does the Minister of Healing allow me to do?
A: A Minister of Healing is voting member of MUM who is certified in the use of healing modalities.

Q: What does an Ordained MUM Minister allow me to do?
A: Students who complete the courses and pass the exams to become an Ordained MUM Minister have all the qualifications of a Minister equal to other Religious organizations. These include officiating marriages, baptisms, funerals, teaching MUM courses and opening a church or place of spiritual community and education.

Q: Why should I study with MUM?
A:Our course has an outstanding metaphysical theology program that will prepare you to go forth as an educated minister in this age. This will give you greater understanding and knowledge of metaphysical meanings of the Bible.

The theology course is exceptional and prepares you to speak with other denominations on an equal basis.

Q: What is the Aquarian Gospel?
A: The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ was written by Levi H. Dowling. It is one of the foundations of MUM's Metaphysical Theology Teachings. It teaches about the journey and teachings of Jesus the Christ as he traveled into all the countries of the East.

MUM has published this book, added the associated bible references for each chapter of the book. This book is available to the public as Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ with Bible References.

MUM uses this book as the basic text because it is a study that provides a greater understanding of all religions.

Q: How long will it take me to do this course?
A: These are self-study courses so you may complete them as quickly as you would like. The maximum time period for completion is 12 months for Minister of Healing and 24 months for Ordained Minister.

Q: If I decide to study with MUM will I be able to perform legal wedding ceremonies.
A: Yes. As an Ordained Minister it is important to have your ordination with legal and proper credentials.

Q: Does MUM provide criminal checks of potential members and ministers?
A: Yes. MUM does a National criminal check on each person. This is very important to our organization as it should be to you.

Q: I have studied with another organization, do I have to take MUM classes to become ordained by MUM?
A: MUM accepts other sources of study through reciprocity after careful and thorough review of your application, studies and experience. References and criminal background checks are required.

Q: How would we start a MUM church or center?
A: After you are Ordained as a minister of MUM you may pioneer a church or place of spiritual community and education through MUM. MUM will provide you with the information necessary when you are ready to take this next step in your Ministry as a Chartered Spiritual Community under Metaphysical Universal Ministries.


Metaphysical Universal Ministry LogoMUM's Mission Statement

To teach, demonstrate and promote Metaphysical and Spiritual Laws, both at home and throughout the world. To create an atmosphere of understanding and tolerance for all Religious beliefs and forms of worship, seeking the Light of Creation, while fully recognizing we are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of the God Force.